Grief Support

“In grief, the first person you wish you could talk to is no longer alive. The second person to talk to is another who understands grief and wants to meet you right where you are.”
– David Kessler

Grief Support

If you’re in the depth of grief, please know you’re not alone. Although your grief is painful, please know it will ease over time. You might be feeling that if you’re not in a perpetual state of grief, you won’t continue to honor your loved one. You will, but in a different way. You’ll get to a point where you’re not consumed by grief.


Grieving your loved one will be a part of your life, but not your whole life. When this occurs, you’re then able to love and honor your loved one, and continue living your own life. You learn to grieve and heal in a healthy manner.

There is no timeline for grief. Everyone grieves in their own time, and no one should feel rushed.


Having someone accompany you in your grief journey, helps you move through your pain and sadness, without getting stuck in grief.


Grief Companion and Guide
This is your personal journey, and one only you can travel however, this journey is a bit easier when you know you’re not alone. You no longer have to put on a good face and pretend you’re okay.

“It takes courage to grieve, to honor the pain we carry. We can grieve in tears or in meditative silence, in prayer or in song. In touching the pain of recent and long held grief, we come face to face with our genuine human vulnerability, with helplessness and hopelessness. These are the storm clouds of the heart.”


“Let the timeless wisdom within you carry you through grief and awaken a tender, open heart.”


Jack Cornfield

I’d love to be your grief guide and companion…you don’t have to do this alone.

Sometimes, we just want others to see us as we are. Some days we are not okay…we just need others to make space for that, and for us.


~Joanne Cacciatore, PhD Author of “Bearing the Unbearable”